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At DLC Wellness, we specialize in conditions of functional imbalances. This includes natural support for hypothyroid & other thyroid conditions, including hashimoto's, in chicago. Many of our patients with underactive thyroid symptoms in the chicago region have seen traditional doctors and alternative thyroid specialists without relief. We will strive to go above and beyond what any other hypothyroidism doctor has done for you, with our holistic approaches, in order to achieve the best possible clinical outcome.


My name is Dr. Lee de las Casas, D.C.  I have Functional Neurology training through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies. I have advanced training in natural thyroid support, functional blood and functional endocrinology chemistry analysis. I have developed several passive biofeedback approaches, over the past ten years, that have enabled me to improve my results with thyroid conditions compared to just using advanced lab testing alone. I am the owner of a private practice in Winnetka, Illinois.


According to the American thyroid association, more than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition through the course of their lifetime. Millions of Americans have some form of thyroid disease. Thyroid disease is often undiagnosed until its function becomes severely compromised.


Are you having trouble finding doctors that do not charge very large initial fees? Are you tired of playing “Russian Roulette” with many medications that were prescribed by several doctors? “Here try this drug, that did not work? Ok, try this one!” Are you tired of taking drugs that do not address the root of the problem? Are you struggling with chronic thyroid symptoms every day?


Hypothyroidism Symptoms
#1: Cold hands and feet?
#2: Feeling excessively tired?
#3: Do you have difficulty losing weight even though you exercise regularly and restrict your diet?   

#4: Do you require an excessive amount of sleep to function?   

#5: Do you have painful bowel movements?
#6: Do you suffer from depression?
#7: Do you lack motivation?
#8: Do you have headaches in the morning that decrease in intensity during the rest of the day?

#9: Do you have an excessive amount of hair loss?
#10: Do you have excessively dry skin?
#11: Do you feel mental sluggishness?
#12: Losing the outer third of your eyebrows?

#13: Do you have chronic constipation?


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder in which the patient’s immune system attacks the thyroid and possibly other organs. Patients that have Hashimoto’s disease experience several of the symptoms that are listed above. 


The thyroid has a direct influence on many organs, this includes the heart, which can beat rapidly and with increased intensity under the influence of thyroid hormones. Heart dysfunctions often coincide with chronic thyroid dysfunctions.


The thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), are produced by the thyroid gland and aid in regulating metabolism in the body. T3 is more biologically active than T4, and most of the T4 hormone is converted to T3 in the body’s peripheral tissues. A common thyroid disorder dysfunction is that  T4 to T3 conversion is impaired in the tissues. This can create a T3 deficiency, which can disrupt the body's ability to regulate metabolism properly. This deficiency can lead to various symptoms.


If you are worried about your underactive thyroid dysfunction becoming worse, and you're tired of dealing with it, please register below to receive a neurological exam and a metabolic review of your previous lab findings with Dr. de las Casas. If you register below, you can request a FREE phone consultation with Dr. de las Casas, before your exam is scheduled, in order to make sure that this is what you are looking for!




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